Leadership & LMS Luncheons

Leadership Lunch Keynote
Tuesday, February 10th, 12-2 pm

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Upping Engagement: Using Social Media to Connect with Students, Staff and the Community

Dr. Eric Knost, @ROCK_supt
Superintendent, Rockwood School District, St. Louis, Missouri

Dr. Eric Knost of the Rockwood School District, known as @ROCK_supt to the Twitter community, uses social media in his role as superintendent to engage with students, staff, parents and community. Dr. Knost will talk about his best practices for school leaders in social media, how he encourages his own administrators to use it and how it has helped his district’s community engagement efforts. He’ll be followed by a panel discussion with other school leaders on the effective use of social media in schools today.

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Library & Media Literacy Lunch Keynote

Wednesday, February 11th, 12-2 pm

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BRAINZ! How to Survive the Zombie Librarian Apocalypse!

Jennifer LaGarde, @jenniferlagarde
Librarian, New Hanover High School
Lead Librarian, New Hanover County Schools, Wilmington, North Carolina

If your library is still just a place where students go to check out books and, on special occasions, hear a story, you may already be infected by a silent but deadly plague threatening the future of school libraries everywhere: Zombie Librarianship! Join Jennifer LaGarde as she takes aim at the undead among us, identifying the characteristics that define zombie librarianship. She’ll share countless examples of how to use technology, harness the power of learning networks and employ authentic collaboration to be a zombie fighter: a school librarian who defies expectations by bringing the awesome every
single day!

Additional $30 registration required.

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