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Digital Learning: Strengthening and Assessing 21st Century Skills Digital Learning: Strengthening and Assessing 21st Century Skills by Ferdi Serim (METC 2013 Featured Speaker) Audience: $29.95 $20.00

Contains a wealth of research-based practices to integrate the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Education Technology Standards (NETS) for both students and teachers. Each of the suggested project-based learning examples (in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Geography) can be used successfully as stand-alone units, but are even more effective when approached in a cross-disciplinary way. Includes dozens of activities that integrate the NETS with each content area and align with Common Core standardsProvides detailed descriptions of each of the NETS, how to teach them, and how to know if students are meeting them. Includes a complementary DVD with video interviews and project maps to help see how students are progressing. Read full description.

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Educators (K–12), teacher educators, library media specialists, technology coordinators
IT's Elementary! IT's Elementary! Integrating Technology in the Primary Grades by Boni Hamilton Audience: $40.95 $25.00

This book offers an insider's view of how a traditional Colorado elementary school became National School Library Program of the Year. Hamilton guides readers through the process of planning and implementing an integrated technology program on a shoestring budget. Read full description.

Educators (K-6), administrators(K-6), technology coordinators, curriculum specialists, library media specialists, preservice educators
Flip Your Classroom Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day by Jonathan Bergmann & Aaron Sams Audience: $19.95 $14.00

Learn what a flipped classroom is and why it works, and get the information you need to flip a classroom. You’ll also learn the flipped mastery model, where students learn at their own pace, furthering opportunities for personalized education. This simple concept is easily replicable in any classroom, doesn’t cost much to implement, and helps foster self-directed learning. Read full description.

Technology Coordinators, curriculum specialists, policy makers, administrators, teacher educators, educators (6–12)
Playing Games in School Playing Games in School: Video Games & Simulations for Primary & Secondary Education Edited by Atsusi 2c Hirumi  Audience: $42.97 $26.00

This book focuses on four topics: why games should be a part of education, the availability of games in four core subjects and physical education, selecting and integrating games in school, and alternate perspectives on game-based learning. Each chapter takes an in-depth look at research or case studies on topics including how today's students differ from previous generations, integrating games into the classroom with instructional strategies, incorporating game-based learning without computers, commercial off-the-shelf games, and more. Read full description.

Educators (K–12), technology coordinators, curriculum specialists, teacher educators, education researchers, academic libraries, library media specialists
The Practical (and fun) Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools The Practical (and Fun) Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools by Christopher R. Bugaj and Sally Norton-Darr Audience: $34.95 $22.00

Assistive technology (AT) is a serious topic-providing students with special needs tools and strategies to aid in their learning. The authors throw in a few pirates, monsters, and monkeys to keep you engaged but don't sacrifice the tips, strategies, and insight that will help improve your school or district AT program. This guide presents detailed advice and ideas to provide AT services that effectively and efficiently help students. Read full description.

Administrators (K–12), assistive technology professionals, special-education staff
101 Best Websites for Principals 101 Best Websites for Principals, Third Edition by Susan Brooks-Young Audience: $37.95 $24.00

Best-selling author Susan Brooks-Young offers busy principals another update to her guide to the most relevant and useful Web-based resources. It includes new sites, revised descriptions, resources for Web 2.0 tools, and a section on Internet security concerns and safety measures. The book is organized by topics pertinent to all principals, such as finance, curriculum, professional development, and social and legal issues. Full correlation to the NETS•A help make this the perfect guide for principals to increase their personal productivity and technology skills. Read full description.

Administrators (K–12), college of education faculty
Intelligence Quest Intelligence Quest: Project-Based Learning and Multiple Intelligences by Walter McKenzie Audience: $22.95 $16.00

Provides an in-depth overview of the IQuest—what it is and how you can adapt it for use in any subject or any classroom. McKenzie breaks down the nine intelligences into three domains: thinking critically, thinking within, and thinking outward; provides example IQuests for each; and links each IQuest to the corresponding NETS•S. This new instructional model will push your thinking and help you develop meaningful learning experiences. Discover how you can bring the IQuest into your classroom and show your students that learning in school can mirror learning in the real world. Read full description.

Educators, curriculum specialists, teacher educators
Reinventing Project-Based Learning Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age by Suzie Boss & Jane Krauss Audience: $37.95 $24.00
An accessible guide for maximizing the benefits of project-based learning in today’s technology-rich learning environment. This book speaks directly to educators, administrators, and professional development specialists who want to transform learning into a more active, student-driven experience, using technology tools for inquiry, collaboration, and connection to the world beyond the classroom. Read full description. Educators (K-12), professional development specialist, technology coordinators, library media specialists, preservice educators, instructional leaders, college of education faculty
Piano and Laylee Series

Piano and Laylee and the Cyberbully
Piano and Laylee Help a Copycat Become a Creative Cat
Piano and Laylee Text Message 
all by Carmela Curatola Knowles


Children Aged 5-9

$11.95 each $8.00 each or all three for $20.00
The Piano and Laylee Series is a valuable resource for educators and parents wanting to introduce digital citizenship concepts to children aged 5-9. Designed to be read to and shared with early readers, the books follow the adventures of two adorable puppies who learn how to be safe and responsible while using technology. These petite books (4x6 inches) are perfect for classroom lessons on digital citizenship or for starting conversations at home. Read full descriptions.
What Works in Online Learning What Works in K-12 Online Learning Edited by Cathy Cavanaugh and Robert Blomeyer Audience: $40.95 $25.00

Provides a comprehensive overview of effective online teaching and learning practices. Based on extensive experience and research, chapters cover a full spectrum of topics including virtual course development, online learning in elementary classrooms, instructional assessment and differentiating online instruction, professional development for teachers of virtual courses, and the challenges that virtual schools will face in the future. Read full description.

Educators (K–12), preservice educators, technology coordinators, administrators, teacher educators
1-to-1 Online Learning 1-to-1 Online Learning: Laptop Programs that Work, Second Edition by Pamela Livingston Audience:  $40.95 $25.00
When all students in the classroom have a laptop, tablet, or handheld computer at their fingertips, a whole new world of instructional possibilities appears. Get ready to tap those possibilities with Pamela Livingston’s guide to 1-to-1 programs that work. You’ll find practical planning advice, case studies of successful programs, and a host of implementation resources. Livingston updates this new edition with chapters on 1-to-1 leadership, tablet PCs, and the shift toward learner-centric educational environments. Read full description. Administrators, technology coordinators, educators (K–12), parents, teacher educators
Making Connections with Blogging Making Connections with Blogging: Authentic Learning for Today's Classrooms by Lisa Parisi & Brian Crosby Audience:  $18.95 $13.00

Students will experience a whole new level of engagement when they are writing for an audience, writing about topics they are interested in, and responding to their classmates’ posts. Parisi and Crosby show you how you can use blogging with any student as a part of any curriculum— not as an add-on, but as an integrated part of your lessons. Learn step by step how to blog, get ideas for your curriculum area, and understand how to manage blogging in the classroom. Read full description.

Educators, curriculum specialists, technology coordinators
Differentiating Instruction with Technology in Middle School Classrooms Differentiating Instruction with Technology in Middle School Classrooms by Grace E. Smith & Stephanie Throne


$40.95 $25.00

This book offers an overview of research on the uniqueness of middle school students and illustrates the importance of using technology to create differentiated lessons, especially with this age group. It lists the fundamental components of DI, student traits that guide DI, and Web 2.0 resources that can help make DI a reality in the middle school classroom. It also includes sample activities for incorporating DI in multiple subjects: math, science, social studies, and language arts. Read full description.

Educators (6–8), administrators (6–8), preservice educators, technology coordinators
Digital Storytelling Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators by Midge Frazel Audience: $31.95 $20.00

Offers an overview of digital storytelling as well as its variations, including e-portfolios, digital photo essays, and scrapblogs. The many recommendations, overviews, and explanations of digital storytelling tools, along with lists of additional digital storytelling resources, will help educators to apply this exciting technology in their classrooms. Educators will also discover the ways digital storytelling can be used for their own professional development. Provides detailed directions to preparation, production, and presentation, and rounds out with a discussion on creating rubrics and evaluating student work. Read full description.

Educators (K–12), administrators, curriculum specialists, teacher educators
Web 2.0 How-To for Educators Web 2.0 How-To for Educators by Gwen Solomon & Lynn Schrum Audience: $37.95 $24.00

Explores the very best online collaborative tools available today (including blogs, wikis, and social networking) and Web 2.0 applications (Skype, Google Earth, Wordle, and more) that make a difference in education. Using a simple formula for each concept, the book describes what the tool is, when teachers should use it, why it is useful, whois using it, how you can use the tool, and where you can find additional resources. Practical examples from educators around the world offer an abundance of ideas, and the recommendations for further information and comprehensive lists of Web 2.0 tools and applications will be valuable resources as you integrate Web 2.0 technology in your classroom. Read full description.

Educators, teacher educators, IT staff, administrators, policy makers
Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom by Frank W. Baker Audience: $38.95 $24.00

The average 8–18 year-old spends over 10 hours a day consuming media. Help your students "tune in" so they can begin to analyze messages and understand techniques used to influence them. By incorporating media literacy into the curriculum you can teach your students to question marketing, recognize propaganda, and understand stereotypes, and you’ll also be teaching them valuable critical thinking skills they need for a successful future. This book will show you how you can bring media literacy into your classroom—whether that classroom is English language arts, social studies, health, or any other subject—and teach students skills that enable them to become knowledgeable media consumers and producers. Read full description.

Educators (K–12), teacher educators, parents, library media specialists, technology coordinators
From Inspiration to Red Carpet From Inspiration to Red Carpet: Host Your Own Student Film Festival by William L. Bass (Midwest Spotlight Educator & St. Louis Educator), Christian Goodrich, and Kim Lindskog (a St. Louis Educator) Audience: $26.95 $18.00

The authors are technology integration specialists charged with helping teachers in their district make technology a fundamental part of learning and teaching. They took note of students’ interest in digital media outside of school and realized that video production was an excellent way to get students engaged and using technology in the classroom. To make video production a part of the district culture, they developed the Parkway School District film festival. This festival has since become a catalyst for innovation in the classroom. A film festival can do the same at your school or district! In this book, discover the power of digital video, learn how to work with teachers to integrate video production into the curriculum, and get step-by-step guidance on developing and implementing a successful film festival. Read full description.

Educators, curriculum specialists, library media specialists, technology directors, technology coordinators
Energize Reading & Writing Energize Research Reading & Writing: Fresh Strategies to Spark Interest, Develop Independence, & Meet Key Common Core Standards (Grades 4-8) by Christopher Lehman Audience: $25.00 $20.00

Provides a menu of fresh, classroom-tested strategies for teaching research across all contents as well as: at-a-glance guides for differentiation—ways to ramp up strategies for experienced researchers and ways to make them accessible for emerging researchers, samples of grade level language for each strategy and tips for content-area teachers, ideas for using the strategies to build plans for the short and long research projects that the CCSS requires a quick-reference chart that links each strategy to the CCSS so you can quickly turn to the strategies that aim to align with a particular standard. Read full description.

Educators, curriculum specialists, library media specialists, technology coordinators
Essential Wisdom for Successful Teaching Essential Wisdom for Successful Teaching by Susan Hacker and Diane Tinucci
Observing and mentoring the new teachers joining our faculty year after year led to discussions involving what mindsets, tips, and strategies would support their earliest efforts to success and satisfaction in the teaching profession. Those discussions evolved into Essential Wisdom for Successful Teaching, a carefully crafted collection of the information we, veteran instructors Susan Hacker and Diane Tinucci, felt was necessary to consider early on to solidly start on the right foot, as well as to be prepared and confident to continue the “walk.” Our book includes articles on classroom organization, lesson planning, grading considerations, technology use, and colleague support. It offers golden advice on the power of the first day of the term and on establishing authority. Specialized information on traveling between classrooms and working with parents is shared. Essential Wisdom for Successful Teaching, short enough to provide real support without overwhelming, is straightforward guidance from those who have been there and who love “there.” 


Educators, curriculum specialists


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