Call for Proposal Info

The time limit of 45 minutes starts immediately upon arriving at the logon page after clicking on either of the proposal links below.

Make sure to have all the information required on the online proposal form before you get started. We encourage those planning to submit a proposal to use the Proposal Draft Template (see below) to generate their proposal text before starting the online submission process. Large pieces of text can then be copied and pasted into the online form. This will help submitters stay under the time limit of 45 minutes.

Proposal Tips

Tip 1: Writing Your Presentation Objectives

What will attendees get out of your presentation? What are their takeaways? (At the end of this session, attendees will...)

Tip 2Connecting to the Conference Theme

How does your presentation relate to the METC theme of Motivate, Engage, Transform, Connect? 

Tip 3: Writing the Presentation Description

Use the presentation goals as a base to write a short (70 word maximum) description. Incorporate text from the connection(s) to the conference theme.

Tip 4: Writing the Presentation Title

A presentation title needs to catch the reader's eye and be a short and concise representation of the description. A title that is less than 10 words is preferred.

Tip 5: Attending to Details

This includes all presenter information, strand, technology integration tools addressed, ISTE standards, the audience tech level, and so on. 

Proposal Resources

Session Types
Read up on the differences between a General Session proposal and a Preconference Workshop proposal.

Proposal Draft Template
Use this template to create and finalize your proposal. The text of the proposal can then be copied and pasted into the online form.
We reserve the right to edit session descriptions based on style and space.

General Session Screenshots of Proposal Process
Preconference Workshop Screenshots of Proposal Process

Use these slideshows to see screenshots of the actual online proposal process for both a Preconference Workshop proposal and a General Session proposal.

The deadline to submit proposals has passed.


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