METC 2014 Virtual Conference


Learn with us through the convenience of your desktop without the inconvenience or cost of travel! METC is offering a great way to participate in and enjoy the METC 2014 Conference, even if you can't be there in person. The METC 2014 Virtual Conference will consist of live programming on Tuesday, February 11 and Wednesday, February 12. The presentations chosen for the virtual conference include those from keynote and featured speakers.

Selected presentations will be live-streamed at the times listed below. View the live presentation by clicking on the session title during the time indicated. Keep in mind that these times are approximate since this is a live event. After the event, you may view the archived session recordings (available immediately after the session ends) and learn at your own pace.

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Day Time Session Title Presenter(s)
Tuesday 8:00-9:15 Keynote: Creativity is Essential Kevin Honeycutt
Tuesday 9:45-10:35 Planning for Project Based Learning April Burton
Tuesday 10:50-11:40 The Connected Educator Josh Stumpenhorst
Tuesday 1:00-1:50 Creativity, Collaboration & Community in the STEM Classroom Kyle Schutt
Tuesday 2:20-3:10 Flipped Classroom Research & Results Lodge McCammon
Tuesday 3:25-4:15 10 Star Wars Lessons: Lead or Lead Not-There is No Try Howie DiBlasi
Wednesday 8:00-9:15 Keynote: Flipping the Classroom, Time to Teach Lodge McCammon
Wednesday 9:45-10:35 Power Up Your PLN Tiffany Whitehead
Wednesday 10:50-11:40 IGNITE!: Educators Share What Motivates, Excites & Ignites Them Robert Deneau, Greg Lawrence, Bill Bass, Cindy Lane, Drew McAllister, Keri Skeeters, Michael McCann, Robert Dillon
Wednesday 1:00-1:50 Entrepreneurial Learning Kevin Honeycutt
Wednesday 2:20-3:10 Storytelling: A Human Condition Robert Dillon
Wednesday 3:25-4:15 Creating Innovators: Students that will Change the World Howie DiBlasi
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