Cisco Lab Opportunities at METC

Free one-on-one Cisco Lab Opportunities at METC 

Cisco will be offering the lab opportunities listed below at METC!
These lab sessions are one on one so you must RSVP ahead of time to reserve your spot.

Cisco Lab Schedule


(AC101) Starting a Cisco Academy 1 One 1:
Are you trying to figure out how to start a Cisco Academy at your school?  This lab will deep dive one on one with Clydene Stangvik, Midwest Manager for Cisco’s Academy.  You will walk away with your startup plan specific to your schools needs including resources, funding and how to get reimbursed.
(DL101) Distance Learning Design Lab for Administrators:
This Cisco lab is for administrators and the non-technical school resources.  Distance learning is not a simple process and we want to help bridge the gap between business and technology discussions.  The goal of this session is to understand how Distance Learning can be achieved at your school district.  At the end of this session, you will leave knowing where to begin and what questions to answer. This information can be used to start discussions with your executive team and IT department.
(DL201) Distance Learning Design Lab – Technical:
Deep dive into a distance learning lab with a Cisco technical engineer to begin the implementation of distance learning.  Our technical engineer would be using Visio to document and design your implementation throughout the lab.  At the end, the participant will leave with a high level distance learning design.
(CW101) Cloud Wireless Lab:
Considering a wireless cloud solution?   You will spend 50 minutes learning to operate a cloud wireless infrastructure.  Your IT staff no longer needs to be onsite to implement a cloud network with the new technology.
  • Adding Access Points – “Zero Touch”
  • RF Optimization/Firmware Updates
  • Controls & Monitoring
  • Reporting/Alerts
(CS101) Cloud Security for the Network Lab:
Similar to the cloud wireless lab, cloud security will allow implementations and updating remotely.  In this lab you will understand how being onsite to rollout this type of infrastructure is no longer needed.  Get your fingers dirty understanding setting up policies in multiple locations across the country from the comfort of the Cisco lab.
  • Policy Configuration
  • Auto VPN Tunnels
  • Alerts and Monitoring
  • Self-Provisioning
(SM101) Server Management Lab:
The vast majority of IT expenditures is maintaining existing infrastructure rather than addressing long term initiatives to simplify.  As you rely more on virtualization and cloud computing, this lab will take you through the tools to make your physical infrastructure just as flexible and agile.
  • Role & Policy Based Provisioning
  • Bare Metal Provisioning
  • Define the network, storage, server and virtual
  • Policy and Work-flow
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