METC 2014 Program Grid

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 Schedule
  Windsor 1 Windsor 2 Augusta Grand A Grand B Grand C D1 D2 D3 Board Room Conference Room Jr. A Jr. B Jr. C Jr. D 101 102 103 104 105
8:00 AM  Keynote: Kevin Honeycutt
9:15 AM
9:45 AM Using Design Thinking to Maximize Technology Integration, Robert Dillon Scratching the Suface of Programming, Aron Blanke Speed Moodling, Diana Dell, Susan Andrews, Rekke Berges, Martha Bogart, Greg Lawrence, Jeen Steiger, Vincent Szewczyk  0000000000 Top Tools for Content Curation, Tiffany Whitehead (Featured Speaker) Planning for Project Based Learning, April Burton (Spotlight Educator) Kinesthetic Lectures, Music Videos & Flash Mobs, Oh My!, Lodge McCammon (Keynote Speaker) The Green is Always Greener on This Side of the Social Media Fence!, Ted Huff Daily 5 101: Tech + Literacy in 6-12 Classrooms, Abby Erwin & Charles Baker "Drive"er's Education, Shannon Smith & Nancy Brachbill Network Traffic Analysis - It's Not Just for Fun Anymore, Patti Dudenhoeffer METC Iron Chef, Session 1; Jami Domeny & Matt Carlson Putting the POP in Culture!, Megan Chambers & Amy Taylor (Spotlight Speakers) Exploring the Wide World of Web 2.0, Julie Tonsing-Meyer Student Engagement with Discovery Education, Joseph Diaz NearPod: What Can it Do For You?, Travis Kleinow, Paula Hough & Colleen Spaits Create Engaging & Interactive Promethean ActivInspire Flipchart Lessons, Kelly Gilchrist (Spotlight Speaker) The Giant Tablet in the Room: Collaboration & Your SMART Board, Alison Hancock & Ellen Downs Distance Learning: Bringing the Outside World into the Classroom, Diane Tinucci, Ruth Litman-Block, Cindy Lane     Developing a District Incubator for Online Professional Development, Sean Nash
10:50 AM Avoiding the Breakfast Club, Christopher Wright Using Cartoon & Meme Creation to Engage Students, Nicholas Saltamachia & Julie Smith 5 Future Technologies that will Shape Our Schools, Howie DiBlasi (Featured Speaker) The Connected Educator, Josh Stumpenhorst (Featured Speaker) METC Speed Geeking Your Way to a Digital Age Classroom, Bill Bass, Gina Hartman, Cindy Lane, Greg Lawrence Are You Ready to Have Your Students Blog? Try Kidblog., Wil Chamberlain Common Core Countdown-10 MORE Ways to Integrate Technology into the Common Core Standards, Shannon Smith & Nancy Brachbill      Students as Support: Real-World Problem-Solving, Natasha Baker Flip Your Library!, Kelly Hauquitz & Andrea Head Let's Collaborate, Heidi Morgan (Spotlight Educator) Shared Intelligence: Building Your PLN with the DEN, Kyle Schutt Spicing Up Your Research lessons, Kimberly Lindskog, Chris Johnston & Eve Diel Personalize Your Learning with Twitter - Connect & Grow Together, Bill Powers 10 Apps, 4 Students, 1 Teacher, Beth Phillips & Students Panel: Flip Teaching: Revolution of Teaching & Learning or Simply Evolution?, Renato Catoldo, Chris Ludbrook, Corey Linehan, Rob Lamb
11:40 AM Lunch (Pick up lunch in Exhibit Hall)
12:00 PM Leadership Luncheon (Pre-Registration Required): Michael & Shannon Smith Presenting
1:00 PM Exhibitions: A Student-Centered Synthesis of Learning, Stacia Studer, Kathy Shepherd & Josie Clark Story Matters Here: The "Write" Way to Teach Digital Storytelling, Jon Orech Creativity, Collaboration & Community in the STEM Classroom, Kyle Schutt (Featured Speaker) Mentoring Digital Kids, Kevin Honeycutt (Keynote Speaker) How Can Social Media Help Engage 21st Century Learners in a Project-Based Classroom?, Ken Jeffery Reading, Responding & Researching Using Tablets with the Reluctant Reader, Julie Otey, Melissa Biehl & Tom Swoboda Safe, Smart & Responsible: Digital Citizenship in a 1:1 Environment, Heather Van Otterloo & Taylor Quezada Save Money & Access Free Tools & Resources from Microsoft, Jeff Olander Chrome = Awesome: Solving the Chromebook Equation-Converting Projects to the Cloud, Nick Cusumano (Spotlight Educator) Demystifyling Research: Searching Smarter, Bill Bass Engaging Students in Higher Order Thinking with Technology, Larinee Dennis, Courtney Janes & Jennifer Orton Motivate Your School with a Morning Broadcast, Jill Badalamenti The Google Art Project: Creating Critical Thinking & Artistic Behavior in the 21st Century Classroom, Dan Reeve & Kari Schepker iPads More Than Just Apps: Using the SAMR Model to Meet Common Core in the Classroom, Patricia Brown & Carol Kliesen Redesigning PD Through School & Team-Based Blended Learning, Kim Brandon & Debra Cole Graduating "Career-Ready" with the Cisco Networking Academy, Jim Elkins, Cisco Academy Students Panel: Learning 2.0-Real Teachers, Real Stories; Panel of Educators from St. John Vianney High School
1:50 PM
2:20 PM
3:25 PM
4:15 PM

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