Midwest Spotlight Educators

2016 Midwest Spotlight Educators
Applications/Nominations can be submitted until May 12.

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This recognition honors leaders from the region in education technology, whose practices are making a difference for students and teachers. This is reflected in increased knowledge, improved skills and academic achievement by integrating technology into their instructional practices. Those selected as spotlight educators must be a certified educator in any of the Missouri neighboring states (Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma and Tennessee), must have completed the submission process and have extensive experience in edtech. They have demonstrated motivation, transformation and connection using technology to improve teaching and learning. Those chosen as Midwest Spotlight Educators are eligible again for the honor five years after they’ve received it. 

All Midwest Spotlight Educators receive:

1. Free Registration to METC 2016
2. One Year membership to the METC ISTE affiliate
3. METC t-shirt
4. Certificate of Recognition
5. Press Release
6. Recognition during METC

Application/Nomination Requirements
1. If you apply, you will need to supply two references. If you are nominated, one additional reference is needed.
2. All applicants/nominees are required to submit a video that demonstrates their presentation skills. The video criteria for the applicant/nominee is listed below.
        -The video must start with you on camera introducing yourself.
        -Show an example of the outcome/impact of your work. For example: the impact on students by showing student work, etc. or the impact on teacher by testimonials, teacher work, etc.
        -Describe the impact.
        -Time limit of 2 minutes. Citation of sources is not included in the time limit.
        -Cite all sources, including your own.

Midwest Spotlight Educator Requirements:

1. Attend METC 2016 both February 8 and February 9, 2016. (free)
2. Present two sessions total. One February 8 and one February 9. This does not include sessions with co-presenters or pre-conference workshops.
3. Agree to have your name and picture advertised in eNewsletters, the METC website and other conference promotional materials.

Midwest Spotlight Educators 2015

Bob Deneau is in his 16th year with the Rockwood School District (MO) and has been an Instructional Technology Specialist for the past 8 years. Bob is passionate about the effective use of technology and the impact it has on student learning. In June 2014, Bob attended the Google Teacher Academy in Atlanta, GA to become a Google Certified Teacher. He is also a certified Google Education Trainer and co-led Rockwood's Google Apps for Education roll out in the 2013-2014 school year.

In the St. Louis area, Bob is involved in regional professional development as a board member for the Educational Technology Association of St. Louis and as a member of the EdcampSTL planning team. Connect with Bob on Twitter @itechbob and other social networks such as Google+.

Laura Gilchrist teaches 6th grade Science and Social Studies in the North Kansas City School District (MO). Laura has built a reputation for connecting people and ideas and for making things happen. In 2014, Laura was honored with Teacher of the Year in the North Kansas City School District, Christa McAuliffe Pioneer in Education Award from the Northland Chamber of Commerce, Stars of the Classroom honoree from the Missouri Lottery and the Kansas City Royals and BAMMY! finalist for Middle School Teacher.

As co-organizer of EdcampKC and founder of edcamp learning at her own school, Laura is passionate about teacher-driven professional development. She believes strongly that teacher learning is just as important as student learning since teachers are the lead learners and role models for kids. She uses technology choices to empower her students in collaborative project based learning. Follow Laura on Twitter at @lauragilchrist4 and on her blog at lauragilchrist4.com.

Caroline Haebig is the Instructional Technology Coordinator at Adlai E. Stevenson High School, in Lincolnshire, IL. She collaborates with teachers and administrators to improve how students engage in the learning process. She creates professional learning supports for educators and collaborates with teachers to redefine learning experiences using technology. Specifically, Caroline has been influential in leading teacher prep for the district’s 1:1 iPad program and student engagement initiatives. 

Caroline is a member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Young Educator Network and the Apple Distinguished Educator Community. She was named as the ISTE Outstanding Young Educator 2012, a Jacobs Educator for the Indiana University School of Education 2012-2013, an ISTE Emerging Leader (2011), a Google Certified Teacher (2013) and a Google Education Trainer (2014). Connect with Caroline on Twitter @Haebig.

Dr. Ted Huff is the principal of Francis Howell Middle School in St. Charles, MO. Ted is passionate about setting standards of excellence within all facets of the school setting. He is the founder of #FHMchat, Howell Middle’s parent-teacher-community chat. Focused on character education, Ted believes that by establishing relationships first, everything else will fall into place. As a 21st century educator, he believes we must equip our students and staff with the technology and best practices that will empower them to be successful at all levels of performance. 

A progressive proponent of Social Media and BYOD, Ted models the expectations for his staff, students and community. Ted is an adjunct professor at Lindenwood University. He is a BAMMY! finalist for Middle School Principal and a 2014 graduate of the Technology Leadership Academy. Read his blog, theodorehuff.blogspot.com. Follow him on Twitter at @TedHiff and at @News4FHMS.

Sharon Slodounik is in her 13th year as a gifted specialist at Glenridge Elementary in the School District of Clayton (MO). With a BS and MS in Secondary Education, Administrative Certification and many additional hours of graduate study, her career experiences include being a library/media specialist as well as years in elementary and secondary teaching. Staying on the cutting edge of education has been her goal, which always included integrating technology -- whatever was the current technology of the time.

She has integrated robotics in her work with students and for the past three years sponsored multiple after school LEGO Mindstorms sessions for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. She was also instrumental in piloting a successful building 5th grade STEM Day that moved to a district wide event the next year. Connect with Sharon on Twitter @sharonslodounik.

Sarah Spaunhorst teaches the high school Computer Science and engineering courses at Visitation Academy in St. Louis, MO. In each year of her four year teaching career, she has assisted with the creation of new technology-based courses, from a STEM course in middle school to AP Computer Science.

Sarah’s main focus within all of her classes is using technology in order to assist students with real life outside the classroom and beyond high school. In 2013, Sarah was named one of fifty Siemens STEM Institute Fellows through Discovery Education. She is a DEN STAR Educator. Follow her on Twitter @SpaunhorstSarah.

Angela Van Batavia is a Library Media Specialist at English Landing Elementary in the Park Hill School District in Kansas City, MO. She earned her Education Specialist Degree in Learning Resources from the University of Central Missouri, where she is also an adjunct professor. She believes that the understanding and successful use of technology can be an educational equalizer. Her educational focus is to assist students and other educators to be competent, independent researchers.

She is focused on being an information specialist, instructional partner, teacher and learner, and strives to make the English Landing Library a "no-shushing zone" where students are encouraged to explore and create. Angela was a 2014 ALA Emerging Leader and along with a team of other library media specialists, created presentations for the AASL that highlight elements of Empowering Learners and A 21st Century Approach to School Librarian Evaluation. Connect with Angela on Twitter @angelagailvb.
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