Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)

All members of the METC ISTE affiliate have the opportunity to join the METC Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). Through these PLNs you will be able to connect and network with educators that have the same interests as you.

By participating in a PLN, you will gain access to the METC Moodle where you can access resources and network with others in your PLN(s).

METC ISTE affiliate PLNs:

  • Media Specialists
  • Mobile Learning
  • Early Learning
  • Science & STEM
  • World Languages
  • Technology Coordinators
  • SPED/Gifted
  • Administrators


  • Provide members with the ability to contribute to individual and collective expertise
  • Expanding skill sets and professional perspectives through hosted professional development events and activities
  • Sparking community engagement among members with similar interests and passions
  • Sustaining an evolving forum of resource and information sharing and professional thought
  • Advocating for the effective use of educational technology by showcasing exemplary work from the field and its impact on student learning
  • Fostering the development of volunteers’ leadership skills and experience in a variety of professional areas.
Last modified: Thursday, October 23, 2014, 1:27 AM